1. Yoga has been found to be beneficial for both physical and mental health.

2. It can help improve flexibility and strength, as well as increase balance and stability 

3. Yoga has been found to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

4. It can also help improve sleep and increase feelings of well-being.

5. To get started with yoga, it's important to find a class or instructor that is right for you.

6. Beginner classes or workshops are a great place to start, as they can provide an introduction to the basics of yoga and its different styles.

7. It's also important to have the right equipment, such as a yoga mat, comfortable clothing, and any props that may be needed (such as blocks or straps).

8. If attending a class is not an option for you, there are also a variety of online resources, such as yoga videos and apps that can guide you through a practice.

9. Remember to listen to your body and move at your own pace, do not push yourself too hard.

10. Incorporating yoga into your daily routine can help you reap the many benefits it has to offer.